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The firm

The firm was established in 2015. The Managing Partner, with more than 19 years of experience as an employment attorney, anticipated new needs in the area of client defense.

Over the last 30 years, the attorney-client relationship has evolved. It is now necessary to work with clients as a team, getting to know their business, their needs. These are required for a successful attorney-client relationship.

Lawyers will need to use the new technologies in order to improve the communications with the client.

In order to create the team, these changes and requirements have been studied with the objective of solving the clients’ problems with efficiency, discretion, responsibility and loyalty.

Employment Law

Collective dismissals, modification of the labor conditions, individual dismissals…


Because other areas of law are related to labor, we also handle those.

Social Security Law

We are experts in all sorts of Social Security systems (regular and others), even in some exceptions such as with the airline pilots.

Labor Risk Prevention (accidents, prevention organization…)

Our team is partially made up of certified Superior Technicians who also possess studies in law. They help in offering the best services to our clients.

Criminal law related to labor accidents.

The accidents instigate an investigation by the court of the city where they occur, in order to ascertain whether any negligence has been involved. We understand the process and how to manage it.

Managing Partner

Amador Martinez Law Degree from de UB, has specialized in Labor Law since 1996. He is also an expert in Economics and Labor Accidents.
His main principles are responsibility and compromise.
The firm includes lawyers specialized in different areas. Even after a case has been accepted and handled by a lawyer, the Managing Partner assists in its study and management, working also as a team with the client.







Why us?

  • Because we only accept cases for which we are specialists.

  • Because we are close to the clients and their problems.

  • Because we believe in lawyer-client loyalty.

  • Because besides lawyers, we are also specialists in business, allowing us to offer advantages over other firms where the element of discussion is the economic factor.

  • Because we like what we do and we study every case in depth.

  • Because we offer other services that approach the justice to the citizen.

  • Because our services are modern and adapted to meet the new needs of clients.



Además de ayudar al cliente a resolver sus problemas creemos que podemos darle apoyo mediante otras maneras adicionales.

Free initial consultation

Office close to the City of Justice (we offer free parking)

Objective-based fees can be established

24-hour access to any lawyer and under any circumstance

Easy client access to files related to their case

Emergency service if required

Free online enquiries

You have a legal question?
Complete the form explaining the situation with your questions
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    +34 630 96 75 56

    Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 133, 6º C

    Barcelona 08014